Working with Legacy is a Breath of Fresh Air.

“Working with Legacy is a Breath of Fresh Air. Everyone is professional, well trained and extremely helpful.” “Consistently great job! Thanks for helping us with our machinery and trade show moves.”

logistics company testimonials

I was running that company’s 3PL transportation, and I reached out to people who had given me good service and reasonable prices over the years. Bob Skane of Matchmaker Logistics was one of those people. He and this team understand good communication and the need to be proactive, rather than reactive. Motion Logistics was founded to make a mark in London’s Clearing and Forwarding industry. Logistics started its operations in all the major cities in Europe with the aim to offer the best in logistics services. As another year comes to a close I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for all of the hard work that you put into this business.

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Our company requires procurement and purchasing of very specialized equipment – its impossible to locate via the traditional e-commerce platforms because of many reasons. Very good at procurement of merchandise at competitive prices. No nonsense company; Fast, efficient and gets all the work done. From Sourcing, price negotiation, coordinating with the factories, Quality control, trucking, export etc.. We were forced to buy normal volumes with upfront payment terms, nebulous shipping, and almost always sight un-seen. Dear Customers, if you wish to receive a quotation, we kindly ask you to fill in below form. Once the form has been duly filled and submitted, the rates will be quoted to you.

  • Again I would like to say it is a pleasure to work with Olympics.
  • We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services available allover the world.
  • We have been hit again by clients insisting on their carriers and we have had a couple failures.
  • You are building a great team and look forward to working with you all.
  • In twenty years, I cannot remember a single time when a customer has complained about Matchmaker.

She called her friend and enlisted her help in combing through the local Yellow Pages. Matchmaker researched every trucking service listed in the phone book until they found a company that could handle our need at a reasonable rate. The team at Matchmaker has always gone the extra yard for my customers and for me. In twenty years, I cannot remember a single time when a customer has complained about Matchmaker. Instead, I consistently hear rave reviews of their communication and follow-up skills. When I give Matchmaker a load to handle, I know that I can relax and concentrate on something else.

Superb Customer Service

Everything we do is focused on making our clients’ lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with uss express reviews their own customers. “Always fantastic customer service. Jess Johnson, Dave Barnard, and team make Legacy easy to deal with.”

logistics company testimonials

Years later, another career shift brought me to my current employer, a retailer with approximately 375 active small vendors, many of which use third-party warehouses. As a cost-savings strategy, the company had implemented a Transportation Management System to minimize LTL hits and bundle shipments together. This increased our need for pickups from multiple locations. For example, sometimes one truck will pick up from Jersey City, then Newark, then Trenton, and then Charlotte before arriving at a final destination. One delay or miscommunication can wreak havoc on the entire schedule.

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